Is the Costa del Sol a non-seasonal destination?

The Costa del Sol has always been a seasonal destination with tourism being at a high from early spring until the end of September; this status was comfortable for both businesses and workers in the sector.  Businesses accumulated all profits in these 6 months and took advantage of the quiet months to undertake maintenance services; on the other hand the workers, with discontinuous contracts, took advantage of these months to work in their native villages in the agricultural sector, or just lived from unemployment benefits.

Has the economic crisis changed this (comfortable?) way of living.  Is it time to reinvent ourselves?

This process has made businesses and professionals in the sector to open their eyes and realise that the Costa del Sol has much more to offer than a summer luxury beach destination for wealthy visitors from all over Europe.

Marbella, sheltered from the wind by ranges of relatively high mountains, enjoys a microclimate that gives us over 300 sunny days a year and nice temperatures in all seasons. The climate in Marbella attracts visitors all year round.  The excellent location of Marbella within the Malaga Province and Costa del Sol, plus the excellent road infrastructure make it easy to access it by air, by road, by sea or by Speed Train that connect Madrid in just 2 hours and a half.

It should also be noted that our province is very hilly and with several natural parks, this allows you to reach Malaga airport or train station in the morning, take a transfer by car or minibus to your hotel or place of residence, for about 40 min., stroll by the beach and visit a white village of the beautiful mountains that surround us in the afternoon and be back for dinner at any the great variety of restaurants available at the Costa del Sol (the choice goes from Michelin stars restaurants up to small bars offering local tapas). All of this can be achieved in a single day; few places in the world can offer such a spectacular showcase.

Coming back to the subject of this blog, the majority of businesses have come up with alternatives to break the seasonality. Businesses that offer water sports in summer are moving to activities in nearby rivers and lakes out of season when the sea is not appealing ; Hotels combine their stay in low season with plenty of excursions, we will not forget the historical and cultural richness of our area.  The main points of interest of Andalusia: Seville, Granada, Cordoba, Jerez, Cadiz, are just around 2 hours’ drive, thus being a one day tour. Going to Africa for one day is another attraction.  Tangier is just at 40 min ferry navigation across the Straight of Gibraltar.

Over the past years a good number of businesses offer various activities, all year round, to visitors.

Certainly, I have not mentioned in this post most of the deals that Marbella and its surroundings offers throughout the year, but believe me, I would need a book or to list them.

I recommend you visit our beautiful region and discover for yourself what this new perspective can offer!

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