Cookies policy

Garcatri SL, editor and owner of this website, has developed this policy to inform you that this website uses cookies in order to offer you a navigation experience adapted to your needs and optimize your performance.

Garcatri SL makes a completely responsible and not intrusive use of cookies, and because we are concerned about your privacy, we want to inform you about the use we make of them and the options available to you as a user to manage them.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a type of file or device that is downloaded to a user’s terminal computer in order to store data that can be updated and recovered by the entity responsible for its installation.


We may use cookies on your computer as long as you have given your consent, except in those cases where cookies are necessary for browsing on our website. We use cookies to allow us to get more information about your content presentation preferences, to count the number of visits we receive and to personalize our website according to your interests.

You as a user expressly accept the treatment of the information collected in the form and with the aforementioned purposes, and also confirms that you know the possibility of rejecting the treatment of such data or information, rejecting the use of cookies By selecting the appropriate settings for this purpose in your browser, while this cookie-blocking option in your browser may not allow you full use of all the features of this web site.

Types of cookies

Depending on who is the entity that manages them:

  • Own: our website generates
  • From third parties: they are cookies that the user receives when browsing on our website but that are generated by a service belonging to another entity.

Depending on the time period that remain activated in the terminal equipment we can distinguish:

  • Session cookies: cookies are designed to collect and store data while the user is accessing a Web page and are not registered on your computer.
  • Persistent cookies: are cookies in which the data are still stored in the terminal and can be accessed and treated for a period defined by the cookie responsible, and can go from a few minutes to several years.

According to the purpose for which the data obtained through the cookies are treated, we can distinguish between:

  • Technical cookies: they are strictly necessary for the operation of the website. They make it possible to identify and access the users to the system, they control the traffic from the Web server to multiple users at the same time, etc.
  • Personalization cookies: these are those that allow the user to access the service by configuring aspects such as the language or their preferred regional configuration.
  • Analysis and performance cookies: measure the number of visits, the search criteria within the Web, how users navigate in certain sections, etc.
  • Advertising cookies: they allow the management, in the most efficient way possible, of the advertising spaces of the web.
  • Behavioral advertising cookies: allow the owner of the web to develop specific profiles to show publicity based on the information about the behavior that users have on their website.
  • Cookies of external social networks: they are those that are used so that the visitors can interact with the content of different social platforms (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +, etc.) and that are generated only for the users of these networks.

What cookies does this website use?

In particular, this Web site uses the following cookies:

This cookie is used by the language of encrypted PHP to allow that the variables of this session file in our server web.
_ga.garcatri.es2 yearsAnalytical cookie. It stores an identifier of only customer and serves to control only visits, data of users, campaigns, etc.
_gid.garcatri.es24 hCookie Analytical. It uses to distinguish to the users
_icl_current_languagewww.garcatri.es24 hCookie of WordPress that store a value of language for the website and that establishes like answer to an action or application of the user (election of language)
viewed_cookie_policywww.garcatri.es1 yearIt allows to know if the user has accepted and closed the warning of the politics of cookies not to go back to show it.
.youtube.com8 months
6 months
Integrated videos of Youtube. These cookies help us to track the number of seen of a video in particular. The cookie pref will follow the preferences of the user and publishes content or announcements related with the video reproduced

Profiles in social networks:

Garcatri SL maintains open profiles in different social networks for the promotion of its products and services but it is not responsible to the user to inform of the cookies that will be installed in his equipment when accessing this network, nor of the policies of privacy of the Same. You can find out more about these topics on the website of the owner of the social network and consult their terms and conditions.

Revoking consent to install cookies

You can revoke your consent, allow, block or delete cookies installed on your computer by configuring the browser options installed on your computer:

If has doubts on this politics of cookies, can contact with Garcatri SL in info@garcatri.com.

Finally, can you direct to the portal “Your Online Choices” where in addition to finding useful information, will be able to configure, provider by provider, his preferences on the advertising cookies of third, selecting to the start the language.

Updates and changes in the politics of cookies

Garcatri SL Can modify this Politics of Cookies in function of legislative requirements, statutory, or with the purpose to adapt said political to the instructions dictated by the Spanish Agency of Data protection, thus it advises to the Users that visit it periodically.

Date of publication: 09/09/2018